Teacher Tuesday-Testing

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If you are teacher and particularly a teacher in a grade higher than 2nd grade, you most likely dread that word.

I know, I know. Testing is important. Data is important. We have to know what the kids know but I hate that it has put so much pressure on them. It really makes me sad sometimes. I never want my students to base the entire worth of their education on testing. Ever. Even in college. Nope. 

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We started state testing today and of course we had server problems, because why wouldn't we. Right out of the gate. Grrrrr.

Although I don't have to do an entire class this year, because I'm a special education teacher, it's still rough even with only six kids.

I love technology but man do I wish sometimes we did this the old school way, on paper with a freakin' pencil. Those don't have to reboot. Those don't have server problems. And they for damn sure don't "time out". Ugh.

The kids are troopers though and this year I wanted to give them a little treat because they deserve it. 

Testing is hard on them. 

Of course now I can't find the website where I found these! If you know or come across  it please comment on this post, I'd love to give them credit! 

However, one good thing about it being testing time is how close we are to summer break! :)

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Thank the Lord! 

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Have a great rest of the week! 


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