Tuesday Teacher Tidbits!

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I haven't always been a teacher. It's my second grown up job, but my first career. Every time I say that word I hear it in a Latin accent coming from the mouth of Agador Spartacus from Bird Cage. You don't? Watch the movie.

In my previous life I worked for a major insurance company. In a cube. In front of a computer. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

Jeepers! That's how it felt. 

Anywhoo...I had a baby and decided the coffin could wait! I quit my job, went back to school and became a teacher. I know right! WTEFF?!

But I love it. I really do! I can't imagine doing anything else. There's just the right amount of crazy for me and it keeps me busy. I do best when I'm busy. 

Teacher Tidbits you ask? 

Teachers are an odd combination of OCD and ADHD. I know sounds cray-cray but it's true. Our brains are all over the place, yet we know exactly where EVERYTHING in our classroom is, no matter how messy or neat. We are the epitome of multi-tasking. I happen to be one of those nut job teachers that has to have everything in its place. Yet I'm always late and flat iron my hair at my desk.

I have been known to stop a lesson, make everyone get up so I could straighten the desks.

Poor kids.


Okay, back to the tidbits. Teachers need order. So what does order have to do with this blog. I need some focus. So Tuesdays are going to be "Tuesday Teacher Tidbits". You know like "Sandwich Night."

Remember where that's from? About Last Night. The movie? I'm old I know. 
Now do you remember? No? Go ask your mom.

But that's what TTT is like. An acronym. I'm a teacher. Wink. 

The posts will be a mix of what I'm teaching, why I teach, what the hell was I thinking becoming a teacher thoughts, and everything in between. 

So, if you are teacher, wanna be a teacher(ha!), know a teacher, love a teacher, hate a teacher...come back on Tuesdays for some TTT. It's sure to be a rootin' tootin' time. Another line from another tv show. I do that a lot. 


Not really.

I promise I do read.


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