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Happy Sunday Night! 

Tea is really my coffee. I drink it every morning, pretty much all day and into the evening. In the mornings I kick it up with some Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate. I like to call it "Crack Tea". It's basically a big ol' jolt of caffeine!

Now, if I could only give up the pop! Maybe one of these days ;)

This one right here is a sports fanatic! He will watch ANY, bowling, poker. It doesn't matter. If someone can win or lose, he'll watch it. He wakes up every morning and checks the stats. 

Sunday is no different. He tapes whatever games he isn't able to stay up and watch. This morning instead of watching cartoons he watched a college game he missed last night. 

Maybe he'll grow up to be a bracketologist?

While I know he enjoys the game, it's also about the scores and brackets. 

He's like "Rain Man" with numbers...I always joke he will make us rich someday because we'll take him to Las Vegas the day he turns 21! 

One thing I try to do on Sundays is to plan our meals for the week. If we don't plan and don't get everything on Sunday, we end up eating out and eating junk. 

I always feel really accomplished if I get this done as well as my lunches for the week. 

On the menu this week: 

Monday-Grilled Chicken and Italian Potatoes
Tuesday-Pepper Steak and rice
Wednesday-Cajun Grilled Shrimp, baked potato and salad (It's Ash Wednesday)
Thursday-Taco Salad
Friday-BBQ Chicken and potato salad

Starting this week I prepped a few things for lunches and then I'll use leftovers when I need to. 

I really want to get away from processed foods and all of those prepacked meals. They are so high in sodium and quite frankly, after awhile they are just gross.  

Last but not least this happened! 

My wife earned her Associate Degree! She is working on her bachelor degree in Education. I know, we are both crazy but it works for us! I can't wait for the day that we are all off in the summers. Not to mention, she will make a great teacher and God knows we need more of those! 

I am so proud of her and all of her hard work!! 

Hopefully you had a productive yet relaxing Sunday! 


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