Dr. Seuss is on the Loose...and He's Got Cookies!

by - 9:24 PM

I love, love, love Dr. Seuss and I've been wanting to make cookies every year since I've become a teacher!

I finally did it!

This is not one that I grew up reading...not that I remember anyway, but the kids love it! This is a good choice for repetition which in turn helps kids with fluency. 

And you thought you came here just for cookies ;)

Image result for red fish blue fish book

Now, my cookies do not look the fish in this book...but that is okay. You see, when I first stared making cookies I was so hard on myself because there are some cookie people out there that CAN make cookies that look just like these fish! 

I am not one of those people. 

And you know what? Nobody cares. Well nobody that eats my cookies cares. And kids for sure don't care! 

Image may contain: food

Mine started like this :) I outlined in black, flooded with blue and dropped these eyes
Image result for eye candy for cookies
So easy! 

You can absolutely do your own eyes, by piping white icing on the next day and then black on top of that. But this will save you a step. 

Here's the finished product! 

Along with the Fish I also did "Green Eggs and No Ham" cookies...the green kind of bled a bit, but still super cute! 

Next year I'm going to tackle Lorax and Truffula tree cookies! 


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