Is Being Average All Bad?

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Normally I never want to be just average. I mean who does?

However, in one area I would give just about anything to be average and that is in size.

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According to the website Livestrong, the average weight for the American woman is 166.2. The only catch here is that the average height is 5'4".

I'm only 5'1. Hmph.

Can't change that. 

My driver’s licence says I weigh 160. I got really close to this weight about 20 years ago and it's just kind of stuck with me.

It's my goal weight. I know to some people this is still really heavy but for me, I'd be just fine!

At that weight I'd be pretty close to average.

In most areas of my life I would never settle for average. I did not want average grades when I went back to school. I've never been an average employee. I don't have an average marriage, by societies terms, and I did not become a mother in an average way.

But for this I'd "settle" for average. I'd give myself a break, cut myself some slack. Be just like most people. Nothing wrong with that. 

Mostly because I think this is attainable and quite possibly realistic to maintain. Also because I believe it's perfectly fine. 

110 pounds is NOT realistic and for damn sure not possible to maintain.

I didn't weigh that in high-school. Never been close to that as an adult.

I've had a baby, I'm over 40 and have absolutely ZERO desire to starve or run 5 miles a day! 

How did average get a bad rap?

Why is it considered a bad thing to be "middle of road" or ordinary? 
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"Mediocrity, as a goal, sucks. But mediocrity, as a result, is OK."-Mark Manson

I mean, what is so wrong with being average? In most areas of our lives we are all average if you really think about. If we were all exceptional, all the time, that would be the new average. 

Being exceptional is exhausting and being outstanding all the time is unrealistic. 

For this area of my life, I will strive to be average and I'm very okay with that. 


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