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Actually it's week three but Spring Break happened in between, which consisted of absolutely ZERO goals.

Zero, Zilch, Nada...unless you count doing nothing as a goal. 

Oh wait, I did have one goal and that was to clean out our office/catch all room. I made a huge dent in it so that counts for something. You can at least move around in there and see the floor!

First, let's talk about week one and how well I did. Or didn't do. Ha! 

Goal one was to go to bed by 10 pm every week night. This goal was a success, surprisingly! Spring break brought on some late nights but I will pick this back up this week. 

My second goal for week one was to drink 64 ounces of water each day. Huge FAIL! This is a struggle for me as I discussed in my original post. 

The third goal was to eat around 1800 calories a day. Bahahaha! I made it exactly three days, which by the way is always when I tend to struggle with any goal. I don't know what it is about day three but it's a thorn in my side every.single.time. 

Goal four was a SCORE! I finally finished To Kill a Mockingbird!! Whooo hoo!! Yippy Skippy! And...I actually started a new book. Well, it's not a new book but one we've had for awhile. I actually got it for my wife. Robin Roberts' Everybody's Got Something. I'm about half way through and so far it's holding my attention! 

Last but not least. Goal five was to engage more fully with Sky. I did much better at this but I wouldn't exactly count it as a complete success. I did stay off social media more but I also allowed him more time on his iPad than usual because of spring break. We did engage more but it could be so much better!

So, that brings us to this week. 

Goal #1 

Drink 64 frickin' ounces of water every frickin' day! No explanation needed. Just drink the damn water already. 

Goal #2

Be on time to work every day. I talked about my desire to rise earlier in this post. Rising early and the same time each day will make getting to work on time easier. Being on time to work will make my day less stressful. I don't know why I fight it so. 

Goal #3 

Walk four times, at least 30 minutes each time. I desperately need to do this one. I haven't exercised on purpose with consistency in months! 

I'm having surgery in a couple of months and going under scares the hell out of me. Somehow I feel like if I'm in a little better shape the risks of anesthetic will be lower. Fingers crossed. Supposedly having a baby is almost as risky as going under the knife. Pray for me ;)

You've probably noticed I didn't mention anything about the 1800 calories. I'm trying something new this week but not making it a goal. I don't want to get back on that ride. 

Fewer goals, increased focus. 

Have a great week and good luck with whatever goals you've set! 


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