Goals-Week 1

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I'm going to start something new this week! 

Stating my goals...in writing. Supposedly it helps. (wink) 

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I've pretty much just been living like a teenager on summer break for the last month or so. Definitely since Christmas break...maybe I'm sad it had to end. 

Some of you know that I am struggling with chronic pain that is a result of a slipped disc along with spondylolisthesis, which is when the vertebra slips forward. 

Ouch! I know right! 

I will be having surgery at the end of the school year. Thank God! 

However, I want to get myself back into some sort of control in a few areas of my life. 

So, I thought why not be like those other people and put them in writing for all the world to see. Or the few people who come here in my case. 

Goal #1

Go to bed by 10 pm on week nights. 

Man do I struggle with this one. I'm such a night owl and this happened when I went back to college and discovered Netflix! 

I know that getting enough sleep is vital to so many other areas in my life so that is why I made this goal number ONE! 

Goal #2 

Drink 64 oz of water/tea every day! You'll notice that this goal does not just involve water and that's because for this week I'll feel especially accomplished if I am able to get this much non caloric, non carbonated liquid into my body! 

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Goal #3

Eat no more than 1800 calories per day! 

1800 calories?! That's still a lot. 

Why yes, yes it is. But...let's be real here. I've been eating waaaaaaay more than this every day so I'm starting here. Next, week I'll lower them again. 

You may remember one of my previous posts about getting off the crazy roller coaster of dieting. 

This 1800 calories is the only restriction I'm giving myself...I can consume them in whatever way I want. In other words, no "bad" foods or off limit foods. That's what starts the crazy! 

Goal #4

Finish To Kill a Mockingbird!! No joke I have been reading this book, off and on, since December of 2015!!!! 

Good Gawd. 

There are so many other books I want to read but won't let myself until I finish this one. 

Not sure why I'm struggling to finish it. It's a pretty good book...just not my normal genre. 

Goal #5

Fully engage with Sky more. Which means limiting social media for myself and limiting Ipad and TV for him, especially on the weekends. 

Spring break is coming and I do NOT want to spend it by me being on social media and him on YouTube. 

I will set specific goals for our spring break next week. But this week I just want to be more present for him. 

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I won't go this far...yet. I have given up Facebook for over a week before but still continued with Instagram...maybe next week I'll do both! Gasp! 

Well, there you have it. Five goals. Very obtainable you would think. 

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