My Next Move

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Some of you may already know that I've decided to move back into the classroom next year. 

I will be teaching 1st grade! Yay! 


Why you ask? 

Teaching is a journey, like many things in life. Even if you stay in one grade, in the same school for thirty years, it's still a journey. 

Some teachers don't know from the beginning of their career exactly where they want to be. I am one of those teachers :) 

Actually I am one of those people. I change my mind like the weather in Kansas! I'm a Gemini therefor I am two least! 

When I was in college I had to choose an area of concentration in addition to my K-6 Education Degree. Originally I wanted my emphasis to be middle school English. However, after fulfilling my 36 hours of observations in a middle school I decided that was in fact NOT my cup of tea! Without a shadow of a doubt. No way. Uh-uh. No can do. 

Too many hormones, too much crying and too many smart mouths. 

or anyone for that matter lol. idc how old you are or how grown you think you are... don't be gettin smart!

Um, no thank you. 

That is not a place for me. Middle school teachers are saints. I know myself well enough to know that middle school would be the death of me or at least my teaching career. 

Back to why I'm making the switch. Being in the classroom is so much different than Special Education and there are good and bad in both. 

For me it's just that I really miss having my own classroom and so many things that go along with that. Special education can be very cut in dry as it should be most of the time. There are very specific skills that students need help with and for the most part that is what we focus on. Many teachers love this part and there is some comfort in knowing that pretty much everyday will look the same, but I get bored. 

I am a person that actually thrives and does best when I have almost too much on my plate. Too much idle time for me usually means I don't get anything done. 

There will be some things I'll miss about sped and I'm quite sure there will be many times at the beginning of the year that I will ask myself, "what were you thinking?!". There will probably be tears and lots of wine, the drinking kind ;)

Because first graders are little and needy and sometimes a little whiny(not the drinking kind). 

Image result for teacher meme

I really do think I will love it though! 

And boy will I be so happy to be in a non testing grade because I'm done with that for awhile. It's enough already. 

I'm so excited to share more when the new year starts here on the blog! 


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